knotistry: an evolution and commitment to change

knotistry: an evolution and commitment to change

Our 2021 rebrand!

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The world has changed, and so have we!

The pandemic has made us re-evaluate ourselves and the impact our business has on the planet. More than ever before, our customers want sustainable, high-quality and ethical products made with care and as little environmental impact as possible. This ethos is at the core of our business. We all need to change to protect the planet. knotistry is our commitment to act.

It’s important that our brand reflects our values and what our customers truly care about when buying natural flooring. That’s why we feel it’s the right time to change our name to knotistry. Changing our name is a commitment to change and our values of sustainability, craftsmanship and made-to-last.

CT Affluence Ash sml slider
Affluence Ash

Always ethical & sustainable

We work closely with our suppliers to source products as sustainably as we can. You can be assured that all of our raw materials are farmed sustainably and responsibly on plantations, farms and pasture across the world. And, our natural flooring is biodegradable and Alternative Flooring’s Barefoot collection is one of the world’s first 100% biodegradable carpets.

We’re also doing our part to reduce our ecological impact and are aiming to be a complete carbon neutral company. More than ever, the world needs us to do our bit, so for every order we receive we will plant a tree with Woodland Trust

We’d like to say thanks to you for your continued support. Even during these uncertain times, we have been overwhelmed by your loyalty.

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Divine Grey Pearl

Celebrating artistry & craftsmanship

We’re passionate about the craftsmanship that goes into our natural floorings. Our eco-friendly wool carpet is created using a handloom, and our bespoke rugs are also hand-finished here in the UK.

It’s a process so unique and close to our hearts that we’ve given it a name, knotistry.  knotistry is human skill and creativity coming together with the best that nature has to offer.

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Barefoot Wool Hatha Vedas


Stylish & made-to-last 

You can be confident that every one of our natural carpets, rugs and runners have been made with care, from renewable resources and made-to-last.

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Wool Rock n Roll Kiss

Eco doesn’t need to be expensive

Thanks to long-standing relationships with our trusted manufacturers and only selling online we can buy in large quantities – and we pass these savings directly to you. Meaning you can enjoy competitive prices with up to 60% less than the recommended retail price.

Feel free to explore our wide selection of carpet colours, including soothing Cream, elegant Grey, versatile Beige, and timeless White, to discover the perfect hue that complements your style.