Which type of natural flooring is best for my home?

Which type of natural flooring is best for my home?

Natural Materials

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Choosing the right all-natural carpet can be difficult if you don’t know what options there are. In this article, we’ll identify what counts as natural flooring, the main materials on offer and which will work best in your home.

More people than ever are turning to natural floor coverings when redecorating their home. Favoured for their unique textures and eco-friendly qualities, natural carpets can have a transformational design impact on the home.

However, choosing the right all-natural carpet can be difficult if you don’t know what options there are. In this article, we’ll identify what counts as natural flooring, the main materials on offer and which will work best in your home.


Natural carpets are floor coverings made from natural materials. They are un-dyed, unprocessed, and made from raw products such as wool, seagrass, jute, coir and sisal.

It’s these materials that make these natural floor coverings eco-friendly, something that appeals to homeowners looking for more sustainable and ecological flooring products. On top of this green aspect, natural flooring also offers a stylish, warm and rustic feel, adding real design sophistication to any living space. As their organic tones and textures vary slightly between the same products, each natural fibre carpet is totally unique.


There are five main natural materials for carpets and rugs. These are: 






Each type of raw material boasts different advantages and are best suited to specific areas of the home. So, to make it easier to choose which one is best for your home, we’ll go through each material in more detail.

Seagrass carpets & rugs

Seagrass carpets look and feel incredibly natural. Due to its varied texture, seagrass has an aesthetic impact on space while maintaining the organic look and feel you’re after. 

Seagrass is less susceptible to water-marking than other natural carpets. This makes it a good option for dining or living spaces. It’s also a relatively thin carpet, making it excellent at maintaining a cool temperature in homes that are well insulated.

Seagrass natural carpets are also very easy to clean, which can be a particular benefit to pet owners, families and people with allergies. 

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Natural coir carpets

Coir carpets are a popular type of natural flooring due to their warming golden tones and textures.

Made from fibres extracted from the coconut shell husk, coir flooring lends itself perfectly to a variety of carpet and rug flooring products. It’s pleasant colouring really captures the sophistication and simplicity of natural flooring.

When made, every roll of coir varies slightly in colour and hue. This means that the product you end up with is completely unique to your home – adding a real personal touch. If you want control of the tone of the carpet to bring it in line with your design preferences, you can also get bleached coir options which have a slightly lighter shade. 

As well as having a truly organic feel, the benefits of coir carpets include its great insulating properties. This means it is a great option for noise cancellation and maintaining a warm temperature in a space. Coir, therefore, lends itself particularly well to living and sleeping areas. 

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Jute natural carpets

Spun from vegetable fibre, jute carpets provide strong, yet soft natural flooring. When installed, the natural, light brown tones evoke a cosy feel, all the while brightening the space around it. The ‘tweedy’ look of Jute flooring also adds a rich texture and adds character to any living space.

Although jute is strong, it tends to be more susceptible to wear and tear than other natural carpets. For this reason, jute carpets are not generally recommended for high traffic areas such as corridors or stairs. Jute carpets are best suited to bedrooms and living rooms.

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Natural sisal carpets

Derived from a succulent plant called Agave Sisalana, sisal weave carpet is one of the most durable natural flooring carpets available. For this reason, natural sisal carpets are one of the most popular natural flooring types on the market.

There are many advantages to sisal carpets. Its durability makes it ideal for carpeting stairs and corridors, while its high insulation properties mean it works well in family living areas and bedrooms too. Furthermore, sisal carpets are flexible in terms of colours and textures, meaning there’s an abundance of choice to suit all design preferences and colour schemes.

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Natural wool carpets

Wool carpets are a popular choice of natural flooring due to their soft and warming properties. There’s also a huge amount of choice on offer, meaning it’s easy to find a design that suits your personal tastes.

Natural wool carpets are naturally soft providing comfort and luxury to living rooms and bedrooms. Wool can also withstand a lot of pressure, which makes it a flexible and viable choice for any room in the house – even spaces susceptible to wear and tear.

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We also have a selection of eco wool carpets which are crafted using 100% un-dyed wool.


At Knotistry, we specialise in luxury natural flooring products. We design our products with the utmost care and detail, taking into consideration the design and functionality needs of all our flooring. 

We design our rugs and carpets to be long-lasting. Made from the highest quality sustainable materials and designed with style and sophistication, our natural flooring is stylish and affordable, made to last, and environmentally friendly.

We offer free samples on all our products, so take a look at our range of natural flooring online today and discover which natural flooring is right for your home.