5 reasons why we love wool

5 reasons why we love wool


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Five reasons why we love wool flooring

One of the titans in natural materials, Wool is a wondrous material with an incredible range of benefits. In support of last month’s Campaign for Wools Wool Week Initiative (whose patron is none other than the Prince of Wales), we’re going to give you our top reasons as to why wool flooring is fantastic.

1. Choice

Wool is unmatched in terms of the variety of colours, styles and textures. Having been one of humanity’s staple materials for thousands of years, it now has incredible versatility. At Knotistry we stock wool in dramatic stripes, (Wool Rock n Roll), gentle Boucle’s (Wool Berber) and chunky eco carpets (Barefoot Hatha), amongst many others.

Click here to browse our wide wool range and see for yourself the huge range of Wool designs that we stock.

Alternative Flooring Wool Iconic Stripe Simone
Wool Iconic Stripe Simone by Alternative Flooring

2. Natural Insulator

Our modern lives are busier than ever, with many of us often struggling to find the time to switch off from it all and block out the noise. It has been reported that having moments of quiet and silence, as well as psychological benefits, can also have physical benefits such as lowering your blood pressure, decreasing your heart rate, steady your breathing, reducing muscle tension and increasing focus and cognition. With many of us working from home more than ever, these are some essential benefits that we need to be reaping.

Fortunately, Wool is an excellent noise insulator. Sound waves are absorbed by the pile, rather than reflecting the sound back, making it an ideal material to have in your home sanctuary.

It has the ability to naturally regulate moisture. It effectively “breathes”, absorbing moisture when the atmosphere is damp and then releasing it when it is dry. This creates a warmer, more comfortable environment. This can also drastically reduce the development of mould in homes.

This breathing effect helps keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer, reducing the need for heating/air conditioning and reducing your carbon footprint.

Crucial Trading Wool Grace Ocean Pearl Knotistry
Wool Grace Ocean Pearl by Crucial Trading

3. Air Filtration

Did you know that wool carpets act as a natural air purifier and filter? Simply by making the decision to purchase a wool carpet you can improve the air quality, making your space healthier and safer to be in.

Wool carpets filter the air by rapidly absorbing the common Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s). these are released from many different home items, such as cleaning products and air fresheners. These can damage your kidneys, liver and central nervous system.

Wool neutralises these compounds and then doesn’t re-emit them, even when heated. It also traps common allergens such as pollen and dust, keeping them away from the breathing zone until they are vacuumed away.

This makes using a sustainable wool carpet a powerful tool for keeping your home or office healthy and comfortable all year round

4. Sustainable

By its nature, Wool is a naturally sustainable product. Sheep grow new coats every year, and they thrive on natural resources like water, grass and sunshine. Due to its natural durability, it often lasts up to 20 years longer than synthetic carpets, keeping the landfill sites clearer for longer.

It is 100% naturally biodegradable and renewable. No other natural fibre is able to match wool on its renewable credentials. It uses dramatically less water than cotton and much less energy than polyester to produce.

Wool is also made up of 50% pure carbon. Sheep feed on plants and the organic carbon that makes up plants is what fuels them, this carbon becomes part of the Wool. When it biodegrades and breaks down, it acts as a natural fertiliser, slowly releasing the carbon and valuable nutrients back into the soil.

5. Naturally Flame Retardant

Did you know that wool is naturally flame retardant? Even at high temperatures, Wool will not drip, melt or stick, and is extremely difficult to set alight. This makes it an extremely safe option for you to have in your home. We’ll give some of the reasons below:

Firstly it is flame retardant is due to the fact it has a high ignition temperature of 570-600C. In comparison, cotton has 407°C, and wood has 300°C.

Wool also has a high water and nitrogen content, meaning that it requires an unsustainable amount of oxygen to actually stay alight. This means even if it does catch fire, it is unlikely to be able to hold a flame for long.

The natural structure of wool fibres makes them excellent at creating an insulating layer to prevent the spread of flames, even dampening down flames that have taken hold of other materials.

Wool really is a fantastic material, and at Knotistry we can’t get enough of it. If you need any more information about the wonders of Wool, please don’t hesitate to call and speak to one of our team for more advice, or order some free samples to see and feel its qualities for yourself.